Frequently Asked Questions About The "Information Millionaires Bootcamp" 16 CD Home Study Course/License


Q: How is owning the rights to resell this package different from promoting an affiliate program?
A: The biggest difference is that with the rights to this arsenal of killer products, you keep 100% of the profits you generate. Another big difference is the exclusiveness of owning a package like this. With affiliate programs -- since they're free to promote -- you have a lot of competition that's marketing the same product and it's hard to stand out from the crowd. But with this reprint rights package,you get a product that not many people own, meaning more sales and profits because YOU own a very exclusive product that's in high demand.

Q: How can this package help me create multiple streams of income?
A: This package compliments many other products, some of which you might already be selling. And because of this, you can use your reprint rights products as back-end items that you sell to customers that purchased similar products from you. What's really nice about the rights to this package is that it's considered a "high-end" product, meaning it works perfect when you use a lower priced product to gain a new customer and then follow-up with this package to sell to them again.

Q: Is this hard to set-up and get running?
A: Set-up is as easy as opening the box. Everything you need is provided and takes just minutes to set-up properly so you can be ready to profit from your new product line.

Q: What if I don't like the package after I've already ordered?
A: No worries. You get a full 21 Day Inspection Period to go over everything and judge for yourself how impressive this package really is. If at any time during your inspection period you no longer want the package -- or if you're not thrilled with your order for any reason under the sun -- simply return it and we'll give you a prompt refund.

Q: How soon will I receive my giant package?
A: All orders are shipped within 24 hours (usually faster), and when it is shipped you'll be emailed a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your package. Overseas orders are EXPRESSED so they will arrive at any International destination within 5-6 business days.

Q: I'm afraid I might need some help along the way because I'm new to this. Is there any type of support to help me succeed?
A: Yes. With your order today you're entitled to a FREE 30-minute consultation to answer any questions you might have and to get you off the ground and running fast.

Q: The idea of having to fulfill all the orders myself is a bit overwhelming. Is there another way I can fulfill my orders?
A: To keep this business as "hands-off" as possible so it runs almost completely on auto-pilot, you can have the orders fulfilled through the drop shipper for $75 each package. Or, if you prefer to keep the $75, you can handle all shipment yourself. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Q: Can you show me a sample of what my website will look like?

A: Click here to see the exact website you'll own after ordering the package. You are free to customize the website-add your name, contact details etc.

Q: How is this product better when compared to other reprint rights packages on the Internet?
A: It's very different for numerous reasons. First, it's a high quality product, unlike the cheap reprint rights you might have seen for $100 and under. That means you're going to be in a small group of people that are selling the package, and that means you get more sales as opposed to competing with a bunch of other resellers. Also, this is a high-end product that fetches $397. So the profits are much potential is huge, and you can sell less while making more. Another difference is who created the package. Ron LeGrand has name recognition and that moves more people to order from you because they recognize the name as an expert and a provider of quality materials. Finally, this is the complete package. You don't need to hire an expensive copywriter to create a sales letter or a web designer for your website. Everything is handled for you making it really easy to get started fast.

Q: I'm a complete beginner and I'm afraid I don't have the experience to make this work for me. Can I really make money?

A: This package is designed for ANYONE that wants a high-end product that sells. And to do this, the package is created with everything you need to get started, including sales materials and products. So, yes, this is the perfect package even if you're a complete beginner to marketing information products.


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