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To Show You How To Make $10,000 A Month From Your Home Selling Information Products......"

You Can Create For Pennies and Sell For Dollars!

We Professionally Taped Every Single Word And Now You Can Own The Complete 16 CD Audio Library!

Ron LeGrand

"...what Iíve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 ..."
"I came because what Iíve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 in the last several yearsÖ I came to double that this year, and Iím sure it will happen."
Ted Ciuba, for Parthenon Marketing Inc
America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant
Host of the How To Get Rich On The Internetô BootCamp



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Wow! A lot of great information! Better than I expected. It's mind boggling the income opportunities and the lifestyle this business offers to anyone who is lucky enough to attend this boot camp and learn straight from the experts who are already making a ton of money.


Dave Hilgendorf
Conyers, GA

Dear Friend,

Itís all true. You missed the live event but now youíll have an opportunity to get it on audio CD's.

If youíve ever thought about selling information products or if youíre currently doing so, you owe it to yourself and your family to take a look at this incredible offer where I supply you with resale rights to hot products and all the marketing tools, expertise and support to make money within 30 days.

Iíve been an infopreneur for over 10 years, selling over $5,000,000 in low cost information products last year alone. I know what Iím talking about and frankly my experience is dwarfed by the world-class faculty I assembled for this event. But Iíll get to them in a minute.

Hi, my name is Ron LeGrand. People know me as a real estate guru. The worldís leading expert in Quick Turning houses. Iíve bought and sold over 1,300 houses and still do today. You may have seen me on TV with John and Gregg Rice, the worldís smallest living twins. In the late eighties I started teaching others what I know about real estate. This mushroomed into a publicly held, multimillion-dollar information marketing company doing over $10,000,000 annually.

It all started with a $10 book I created so I wouldnít have to give the same talk over and over again when people wanted to know how I was so successful.

Recently, I started teaching what I spent over $20,000,000 learning, about how to create products for pennies and selling them for dollars. Then I created a 3 day event and taped it which I had professionally edited. The 175 people who attended each paid $1,498 to be there. For the first time these tapes are available to you along with the same system manual we used in class.

The live taped event is simply calledÖthe Information Marketing Boot Camp.

What is Information Marketing?

Perhaps youíre wondering what I mean by information marketing. Itís simple Ė If you sell information in any format youíre an information marketer. That includes books, tapes, videos, reports, CDs, seminars, coaching, newsletters, consulting, e-zines and magazines. Itís all information marketing, and itís a multi-billion dollar industry. This industry includes hundreds of million-dollar companies and thousands of small home-based info-preneurs working from their home office a few hours a week. Some of these home-based operations are making over one million dollars a year silently behind the scenes. Others are simply subsidizing their income in a clean, non confrontational, low risk business. There are several real life success stories on the tapes.

Youíll see how I made a fortune doing the exact same business and how all my panel members did the same. And how you can jump right in the existing system and shortcut at least 5 years of learning.

Hereís the facts:

The Purpose of the event was to help as many people as possible start or grow a high-income information marketing business from their home with no previous experience and very little start up capital.

I donít care where you are financially or if you have a product to sell. One of the hardest things for people to learn is your success does not depend on you creating a product or being an expert in anything. The big money is not being a creative genius. The welfare lines are full of them. Any idiot can create information productsÖ.

But It Takes A Properly Educated Info Marketing Entrepreneur To Sell Them.

If you donít have a product, donít worry. You wonít need one because weíll show you how toÖCreate Or License A Product You Can Produce For Pennies And Sell For Dollars on the Tapes.

The purpose of these tapes is to take you by the hand and lead you through each step of a marketing campaign. We stayed focused on the basics and covered the details so you can create a complete plan for any product or service you choose to sell.

The Faculty

Robert Allen. Yes, itís the Robert Allen you know. Another real estate guru turned info-preneur. Bob wrote the book Nothing Down followed with Creating Wealth. Both on the best seller list for years and still available in bookstores everywhere. His newest is Multiple Streams Of Income and thatís what heíll be teaching.  But Bob will be the first to tell you even though real estate is his first love, it was information marketing that made him a multimillionaire. Iím not only proud to have shared the podium with Bob but Iím extremely happy I could convince him to share what he knows with you. This is a rare opportunity to listen to one of the greatest marketing brains alive.

Hereís a short list of some of the things Bob covered:

  • How to make at least $1,000 a day selling "how-to" information to eager info-maniacs.

  • How to turn your expertise / passion / hobby into lifetime streams of cash flow.

  • What are the 5 Rings of Riches: The vast opportunities that await all info-preneurs.

  • How to research, discover, acquire, and organize your ideas.

  • How to express, display, package and communicate yourself.

  • How to sell, distribute, disseminate, and promote yourself and your product.

  • How to find the millions in profits overlooked by most info-preneurs.

  • The Info-Funnel: Attracting lifelong customers into your inner circle.

  • How to find customers hungry for your products and keep them.

But Bob is just one of our faculty. Hereís another multi-million dollar man people pay huge sums of money to hire for a little of his time.

                   Dan Kennedy Ė Dan has helped countless beginners and novices "find their legs" in the info-publishing and marketing businesses, including dozens of private clients, whoíve each gone from point-zero to making over a million dollars a year. But he is also a highly paid, much in demand advisor to those already experienced and successful in this field. He also consults with clients having Businesses worth in excess of $20 million, as well as his 15 "Platinum Inner Circle Members" with businesses ranging in size from a million to over fifteen million in sales, each of whom pay $7,200.00 in annual dues just to attend the Platinum meetings. I consider myself honored to be included in his elite Platinum Group.

As a consultant, Dan commands fees beginning at $800 an hour, and is routinely paid $15,000 to $25,000 (plus royalties) for creating direct-response ads and direct-mail campaigns - - and over 80% of all clients who use his services once, do so repeatedly. Dan is an absolute master at using the "lowly" simple sales letter to outperform expensive, glitzy brochures Ė to create fortunes. (For example, in 1999, one of his clients put over $300,000.00 in profits in her bank account with one four page sales letter Dan wrote!).

And Dan lives what he teaches. He has been producing and successfully marketing his own info-products for over 20 years. He has sold well over a million dollars worth of his own products each year; and has developed product for and/or marketed his products via joint ventures with the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, Guthy-Renker Corporation, Hume Publishing and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few.

Hereís some items Dan covered on these CD's:

  • Permission Marketing: How using it part-time can easily earn you more than your full-time job, no matter how much money you make.

  • Sequential selling strategies and automated money generators create cash on demand.

  • Learn how to apply performance marketing to all your advertising with zero up-front cost.

  • 7 of the biggest mistakes people make as info-preneurs and how avoiding them will eliminate failure and drastically increase your income beyond belief.

  • How to structure your marketing business so itís competition free and continues to pump out cash for the rest of your life.

  • How to build equity into your customer list and increase its value each time you mail to it.

  • How to totally automate your business so you can focus on what makes you money.

  • Learn how to learn from your competition with scientific accuracy and model their success.

Ken McCarthy  Quicksand or pot of gold? In spite of all the hype, the reality is the Internet has probably hurt more entrepreneurs and wasted more money than any other area of business in the last five years. But it doesnít have to be that way for you. Adding the Internet to your money making arsenal can be a straightforward, pain-free, and cost effective process - if you have the right guide to help you avoid most mistakes and exploit the opportunities that most of the so called experts arenít aware of.

Ken McCarthy is highly qualified to show you the way. A widely acknowledged trendsetter in the Internet industry since 1993, he has advised everyone from the first time entrepreneurs to the Japanese computer giant NEC. Youíll find his down to earth, easy to follow techniques and strategies are a refreshing change from the techno-babble and pie in the sky promises that dominate the news media and are featured at hugely expensive Internet seminars. Youíll get a solid gold plan you can start executing immediately.

In recent years, Kenís made precious but few speaking appearances choosing instead to devote his time to working closely with a few select clients. If youíve ever wanted to learn the Internet straight from one of its top performers, this is your chance. Remember, this is a field where the difference between good and bad advice can easily be worth millions.

Hereís what Ken covered on these CD's:

  • The little-known SECRETS about what it REALLY takes to make money on the Internet.

  • How to quickly attract thousands of prospects to your web site.

  • How to find places that will list your web site for free and immediately start delivering hoards of visitors.

  • How to get a secure ordering capability for your site without spending hundreds of dollars on a site certificate.

  • The hidden factor in web design that will either kill your response if you ignore it or multiply response if you do one simple, inexpensive thing.

  • How to get FREE statistics about where visitors to your site are coming from and other VITAL info.

  • Why a simple name change can dramatically increase subscribers to your e-zine.

  • A rule of thumb that can forecast how much money you can expect to be making by using a newsletter.

  • How to get your e-zine noticed, even if no one knows who you are.

  • The best ways to convert your e-zine subscribers to buyers.

Frankly, I had three pages of items Ken taught about Internet Marketing and these are only a few. I can sum it all up by saying youíll learn how to turn the Internet into an autopilot, low cost marketing machine.

Youíll get enough trade secrets from the Internet session alone to more than pay for these tapes. But youíre getting more than just trade secrets. Youíll get a finely tuned action plan that a computer dinosaur (like me) can quickly set up and use to generate big bucks.

Don Campbell from Vancouver, Canada, laid out the simplest and easiest way to follow a multiple step campaign Iíve ever heard. You see, the key is in the follow-up, not the first contact with a prospect. Don will show you real live examples of how a $4000 investment turned into a $65,000 windfall in 2 weeks and how he repeats this process several times a year. Youíll see why 85% of your income comes from doing the exact opposite of what most so called information marketers are doing. Donís presentation woke me up and showed me how Iím losing a fortune every month. He didnít just talk, he proved his point with actual case studies from his own business. Incidentally, he has sold over $22,000,000 worth of information products in the last few years. I guess he knows what heís talking about.

Ron LeGrand Thatís me! Information marketing is what I do almost everyday of my life. In fact we sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products each month in the form of print, audio, video, CD, and live seminars. Itís all information marketing.  I started with a $10 product and built a multimillion-dollar public company by doing the exact same thing I taught you at the boot camp and I had no money, no credit, no rich relative, and no previous experience.

Hereís a list of some of the things I covered on these CD's:

  • Iíll show you the most cost effective ways Iíve tested and proven to get people to inquire about your product, whether youíre looking for 50 prospects or 5,000.

  • Magnum Marketing. How to turn other peopleís ideas and products into high powered cash generators using simple, safe and no risk methods.

  • How to create products, quickly, easily and cheaply that sell for a lot of money, even if youíre not an expert at anything.

  • 9 Key ingredients of a good product. Miss one and youíll probably lose money.

  • How to quickly determine your break-even and examine your realistic potential profit before you begin any project.

  • How to accept orders without taking any phone calls, talking to anyone, warehousing or shipping anything, processing credit cards or even having a merchant account. You wonít need one unless you intend to do serious business and if you do weíll set you up. Your approved.

  • How to put your business on auto pilot so you can play golf while the money rolls in. This ainít hype Ė itís absolutely real and happening for me and everyone on the faculty.

  • How to get your customers to send you more money without you lifting a finger.

  • How to get new customers to come to you and sift and sort themselves automatically using the newest technology while youíre asleep.

  • Copywriting secrets Iíve learned over the last 10 years that increase sales 300% on the average.

  • Examine the methods used by most of the faculty, to devise your own business plan for success starting with a paupers budget, as we all did.

  • Learn how to test ideas as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Donít throw away new ideas just because youíre not sure of the outcome.

  • Analyze how to build irresistible offers that compel people to buy instantly.

  • How to get others to sell your products at no cost to you and split the profit.

In fact, we discussed exactly what Iím currently doing to generate hundreds of thousands in income per month and how I started with a $2,000 budget.

I disclose trade secrets to you that arenít available to anyone else, anywhere. You get every little piece of my campaigns with each detail covered thoroughly. I even gave up the real numbers we achieved on both the income and expense side of the actual boot camp we taped. The audience couldnít believe I disclosed this insider information. They were shocked at the profit we generated from one single seminar. You will be too. Youíll also learn how you can sell seminars and do the same thing. You donít need to be an expert at anything.

Who Should Order This Home Study Course?

  • You, if youíve lost your job, think youíre going to, or wish you would

  • You, if you want to sit at home and make more money than your working stiff friends and relatives

  • You, if you truly want to build a profitable and lasting business and make a quantum leap toward financial freedom

  • You, if youíre already selling information and want to multiply your current income by at least ten times. (I guarantee that if youíre selling any kind of information now, we can show you how to at least double your income in 3 months or less)

  • You, if you truly believe youíre worthy of making a million dollars and have enough faith in yourself to do what it takes to make it happen. Youíll be coached by a faculty of millionaires in the same business they came to transfer to you.

  • You, if you know me and think Iím a neat guy and are willing to order anything I offer even if its only by audio tape, especially when itís the only one on the planet of itís kind.

Do You Need Previous Experience?

Absolutely not. Iíve structured this business assuming you have none and want to start from scratch. But I have built in so many state of the art, kick butt, new marketing techniques, even a veteran marketer would be foolish to miss it. Youíll not only get the 16 audio CD's of the three day event but youíll also receive the exact same manual we used in class with the same page numbers we mentioned on the tapes for easy reference.

This manual is a step by step marketing machine containing ten years of my experience and a few million dollars worth of trial and error. Its worth more than youíre paying for the entire package and itís laid out in laymenís terms Ė anyone can follow.

And just to make sure you get started with a bang, if you order immediately, Iíd like to throw in a CD with ÖÖ

"750 How To Reports"

You Can Print And Resell

This thing is loaded with hundreds of reports ranging from two pages to two hundred page books, on every subject imaginable. Youíll have the rights to use any and all of them as you see fit, in any way you choose. Sell them separately or use them for bonuses with other products. You can print them on your computer or take the CD to any Kinkoís. Youíll literally be creating products for pennies and selling them for dollars. Thatís what information marketing is all about.

Its obvious you can use the CD to generate a lot more than the cost of the boot camp tapes. Youíll learn how while listening to the tapes yourself.

Now, the way you make giant cash profits just like I do is: by using my proven ads, postcards, and sales lettersÖ.sending these materials out as instructedÖ.getting orders flowing in by FAX, mail, phone and optionally to your Web siteÖ.then having the Fulfillment Center fill those orders for you. You begin by using my strategies exactly as I describe them.

But soon, one of your most exciting and interesting "jobs" will be looking for new and different places to advertise, new ways to distribute postcards or letters, and new joint venture opportunities. Your other main job is coordinating ad placements and mailings (which you can do by phone, while sitting by the pool). And your third big job is depositing all the money in the bank. You can have just about everything else done for you!

Great 3 days- Very informative- Ron covered all the bases. The supplemental information from the guest lecturers will be very instrumental on me getting my business started. The guest lectures were all "gurus" in their fields. A very small price to pay for a future life changing event. Great Boot Camp!!!!


John Ferguson
Louisville, KY


I recieved more valuable information than can be put to use, even if I had months of time to get it organized and ingested into my business. You provided me with an iceberg of tools and I don't even have a boat to sail out to get hold of it, let alone use it all.

Bryant Hanyes
Murfreesboro, TN


All Right Ron! How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Lets first add up the value. Those who attended the Information Marketing Boot Camp paid $1,498 to be there. You get it all on tape. The "750 How To Reports" CD sells for $149 by itself. That's a total of $1,647. But you'll pay only $397 for the whole enchilada!

Why so cheap? I think its obvious by now this is an incredible bargain at a much larger price. Thatís the point and one of the most important lessons Iíll teach you about marketing.

Itís called the WOW effect. I want you to be overwhelmed with the incredible deal and make it easy to decide. Then Iíll send you 150% of what you expect. That way you and I will be doing business for a long time and weíll both be better off because we met. Frankly, thatís the only way Iíll do business. Just take a look at the economics. Gosh, you could sell enough reports off the CD to pay for this whole package in no time. ButÖ

But that ainít all. Just to make sure you have no hesitation whatsoever if you order immediately, Iím throwing in a bundle of 25 FREE bonuses that sell for more than the cost of the entire business in a box.

Free Books:

Bonus #1 My Million Dollar Rolodex is filled with every contact youíll ever need in the information marketing business and what they do. This thing took ten years to compile. $99

Bonus #2 FREE ADVERTISING RICHES. a 141pg.manual thats shows you secrets how to get free classified ads,display ads, even full page ads costing $5,000 and up.you'll learn how to get national exposure for your products or service without costing you a dime $20

Free Audio Tapes:

Bonus #3 How to Find the Best Hot Mailing List, two audio tapes of a mailing list broker giving you secrets that will save you a fortune if you ever rent a list of names. Without this information you will absolutely get burned. $49

Bonus #4 Ted Nicholas, the $200,000,000 man being interviewed on how he sold that much in information products starting out in an ice cream store. This tape will keep you spellbound with an honest to goodness rags to riches story of one of the nicest guys I know. $20

Bonus #5 How to Become An Information Marketing Millionaire is a tape of me interviewing TJ Rohleder, an information marketing millionaire from backwoods Kansas. See how he began in his home ten years ago and now heís the largest direct mailer in his city. $20

Bonus #6  How to Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes and Succeed in Direct Response Advertising. these 2 audio tapes shows you mistakes that most marketers make and shows you how to avoid them. avoiding these mistakes can make you rich. $49

Free Reports:

Bonus #7 Free Classifieds On the Internet is a list of thousands of website addresses where you can place your classifieds absolutely free and it includes the location of classified services where you can place one ad and theyíll distribute it for you to as many web locations as you like. This one service can make the bucks roll in by placing one ad. $19

Bonus #8 A hot new report with 350 of the Best Headlines Ever Written. No need to ever rack your brain for a headline. Simply find one that fits and change a couple of words. $19

Bonus #9 Why Digital Publishing Is The Ultimate Internet Business. $19

Bonus #10 Your Roadmap to Internet Profits $19

Bonus #11  5 of the Hottest Internet Opportunities For the Next Millenium $19

Bonus #12 The Three Words Your Web Site Canít Live Without $19

Bonus #13  7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Thatís Destroying Your Business $19

Bonus #14 How To Develop Your Own $2,000 A Week Internet Strategy $19

Bonus #15 How To Get Millions of Dollars In Free Advertising For Your Web Business $19

Bonus #16  10 Quick Traffic Building Tips For Any Web Site $19

Bonus #17 7 Little or NO Money Strategies For Building Traffic To Your Web Site $19

Bonus #18 How To Produce A Guaranteed Full-Time Monthly Income On The Internet No Matter What Business Youíre In. $19

Bonus #19 5 Insider Secrets To Writing Million Dollar Sales Letters. $19

Bonus #20 How To Buy Any Product or Service On The Internet Completely Risk Free $19

Bonus #21 How To Quickly And Easily Create Your Own Information Products For Fun and Profit. $19

Bonus #22 Sample Joint Venture E-mail Letter $19

Bonus #23 The 10 Greatest Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Business Makes and How To Avoid Them. $19

Bonus #24 How To Place 772 Free Ads Before You Go To Bed Ė And Wake Up In The Morning With Money In The Bank. $19

Bonus #25 How to Reach Millions of People For Pennies Using Ezine Classifieds. $19

Free Bonuses Value $618

How's that for an irresistable offer! All together that's $1,647 in valuable business tools, plus $618 in bonuses for a total of $2,265 in total value...All for $397.

Ron, this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold. If parents would just send their children and young adults to a boot camp like this instead of college, they would learn more about money and how to really make it, than they will learn in all their years of schooling. It has been worth many times what we paid for it. Thank You, I can only say thank God I didn't miss it. Your speakers were great, the information excellent. My head is twirling with ideas and the bonuses, WOW!, plus all the contacts I've made while here have been incredible.


Dee Robinson
Cincinnati, Ohio


But Hereís The Biggest Reason Why This Is A Better Opportunity

Than Anything Youíll Ever Hear About In Mail-Order

Frankly, itís pretty easy to get people excited about the "joys" of being in the mail-order business, so there are a lot of promoters out there doing just that. You see them on late-night TV, in full-page ads in magazines, and at seminars that come through your town.

Most of these promoters are selling "pie in the sky numbers". The business plan they offer you are based on unrealistic economics. In other words, everything will have to go perfectly for you to make money. Youíll hear them talk about 5%, 10% even 15% response rate from direct mail, and you can get that Ė but not very often, not consistently.

One of the biggest "secrets" to my success has been basing my business on getting good results from bad numbers. That means I donít need my ads to do well. I donít need a big response from my mailings. Instead, Iím setup to make good money from minimum results. Its truly a Business In A Box. When you "clone" my business, you have a very low, very easy-to-get-over "break even hurdle" every time you run an ad or mail a sales letter.

A should not miss event!!!! If you are even thinking of going out on your own or needing to increase your profits it would be silly to miss this boot camp. The ideas came so fast it was difficult to stay on top of all of the information. Striaght forward no B.S. information! Great Job! Let me change that- This is must not miss event!!!!


Terry Wygal
Frisco, TX


I learned more in 3 hours about internet marketing than my local experts know!!


Jeff Sharp
Indianapolis, IN

Better Than Risk Free Guarantee

If after you purchase this product you feel for any reason it fails to live up to my promises (or even if it does and you just change your mind), simply send it back for a prompt and courteous refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

But even if you decide to return this product for a full refund, please keep all the bonus reports and the 750 How to Reports CD as our special gift to you. Itís our way of thanking you for giving us a try. This way even if you decide itís not right for you, the worst that can happen is youíll get is $618 in bonus reports, plus a $149 CD for a total of $767 value absolutely FREE. Thatís what I mean by a better than risk free guarantee.

Hereís A RecapÖ.You get:

  1. 16 Audio CD's of the professionally recorded Information Millionaires Boot Camp conducted over 3 days. Each attendee paid $1498 to be there.

  2. Systems Manual we use in class with the same page numbers we refer to on the tapes.

  3. 750 How To Reports CD with an almost endless supply of reports and books you can sell or use as bonuses. We sell this CD for $149.

  4. All of the Free Bonuses I mentioned on the previous page, valued at $618.

All together thatís 22 audio CD's, 1 systems manual, 19 bonus reports all adding up to a $2,265 value...

I've been a successful internet marketer for over 5 years, and I thought I knew it all. But I was literally blown away by this seminar. I learned some new concepts that I know are going to double or triple my income with the same effort.
Robert Gatchel
Eddystone, PA


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation at the recent Information Marketing Boot Camp in Atlanta, Ga. Your presentation on multi-letter programs was a real eye opener. It was absolutely PACKED with killer strategies that anyone could put to use immediately, now that you revealed them to us. I got vital information on how to conduct a multi-letter campaign: What to mail, how to track results, what &quothot buttons" to push, and when to stop mailing. It was the most information-packed, interesting and easy to follow presentation on the subject I have ever heard. Nice touch! Don, all I can say is, &quotKeep up the great work" and that I really look forward to learning more from you in the future. Thanks again!


Gordon Appleby
Pasadena, TX

A Final QuestionÖ.

If you turn your back on this opportunity, when do you think another successful bona fide mail order publisher will drop by, willing not only to teach you everything he knows, but willing to let you copy and clone his high-profit business, willing to hand you everything you need to do so, willing to hook you up with his personal cadre of suppliers whoíll do all your work for you, willing to let you review it all on a guaranteed basis, and even willing to refund you every dime if you choose and keep $767 in free stuff.

Gosh, this isnít a life or death decision. Nobodyís gonna die regardless of whether you order or not. Itís a small amount of money for a huge gain in income and you canít possibly lose. Donít you think youíd be wise to order now?

Itís even tax deductible. You see, even Uncle Sam wants you to order. That way you can pay more taxes when you make more money. We must have your order immediately to include the CD and the 25 bonuses.

I sure hope we hear from you soon. With this incredible offer it should be an easy decision. Iíd love for us to get to know each other and this is the best way I know. We really are making millionaires all over North America. Wonít you join us? Order Now!


Ron LeGrand

P.S. Take a look at what other people had to say about the boot camp.CLICK HERE to Read the Testimonials!  Remember, there's no risk in trying out this offer. You have a ...

     60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If after you purchase this product you feel for any reason it fails to live up
to my promises, simply send it back for a prompt and courteous refund of
the purchase price. No questions asked. And you can keep the bonuses!

Orders are shipped within 48 hours!