Here's How You Can Immediately Make Some Serious Money On
The Internet And Via Mail-Order (From Home, In Your Spare Time).....

Finally -- A real "launching pad" to
mail-order and Internet riches anyone can afford, and no one serious about success in direct & online marketing will pass up.


What could secure the Rights to one of the most successful, popular, high-demand, easily saleable information products of all time?

What could secure FREE Rights to the ultimate back-end products for this hot-selling product?

What could use the ads and sales letters proven for these products, that have brought millions of dollars flooding in?

What even had a powerful "audio sales letter" recorded by the author himself, that makes money for you?

What also had your own "stand alone" Website turned on for you, also selling these perennially "hot" products?

What could have it all for such a low cost, as few as 6 sales recovered 100% of the cost?

"It took me just ONE DAY to recoup my total investment in the License"

"I just did the numbers -- WOW! Within 72 hours of receiving my 'Mini-License' materials for Dan's Magnetic Marketing Toolkit and Copywriting Seminar, I sent out an e-mail using the materials you provided. It took me just ONE DAY to recoup my total investment in the License, PLUS I made an additional $854.00 in profit! That's just day one.

Within just 2 weeks I've pulled in over $8,600.00 in orders! Not too shabby and I'm just getting started promoting these products. Plus, even better, with Group M's easy online fulfillment service I was able to get my orders sent out while I was on vacation in Aruba. You can't beat that!"

-- Yanik Silver,


Dear Friend,

If you are as interested in making money in mail-order, direct marketing, Internet marketing and information marketing as I believe you are, this brand new opportunity is going to make you break out in a cold sweat!

I hope you know who I am. It wasn't long ago that I was still grinding out my living via "manual labor selling," in the insurance business. Discovering "mail-order," "the Internet," and "info-products" changed my life so dramatically it's as if I've lived two completely different lives. Not to brag, but very briefly, because I think lifestyle is just as important as money; how you make your money is as important as the money you make..… let me tell you what my business and life is like these days:

Everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cash orders flow into my little office over the FAX, via my Internet Websites, by mail, and to my 1-800-number. I spend my time planning promotions, sending out sales letters by mail, e-mail, and FAX. All the orders are fulfilled for me by someoneelse -- "out-sourced." I have virtually no stress. I have a handful of employees, but keep in mind, my businesses do millions of dollars in business (you could do some very nice fraction of that with zero staff).

Because I market only information products, margins are very high, prices up there, repeat business very good, each customer very valuable. Some days I spend a few hours working on my business, some days none. I have loads and loads of time to enjoy my family, hobbies, going out on my boat, and so forth, here in Austin. I do as I please. Business has been so good that, last year, I brought John Alanis into the company as my key associate, my "right hand man," and, frankly, that's made it possible for me to take even more time off and to relax even more.

When I see how hard most businesspeople work and how much stress they're under, I feel twinges of guilt. Fortunately, it quickly goes away!

I'd like to help you enjoy the kind of lifestyle and freedom I have, by yourself becoming very, very successful in information products marketing. I don't think there's a finer business. In fact, I doubt there's a more secure business either. The recent stock market doldrums and downturn in the economy haven't affected our business at all. Orders still flow into our FAX machine, people still go to the Websites and order, calls still come into our Order Taking Service and (somewhat surprising even to me), it's business as usual. Anyway, whether you are still just in the "thinking about getting started" stage or already doing well in information marketing but open to doing much, much better, I have a "turn-key," complete moneymaking "machine" unlike any other, to offer you......

This is NEW and different (and more easily affordable) than any Marketing License or similar opportunity I have ever suggested to you before!

In 1999, I invested an enormous sum to purchase from Dan Kennedy the exclusive worldwide Rights to publish all of his information products. I did this for the very simple reason that owning the Rights to these products -- and the proven sales letters, sales copy and marketing tools, and "the Dan brand" -- is worth a fortune. It was a very good, very profitable decision on my part. So good and so profitable, in fact, that I was eager to share it with others, by means of a "Marketing License."

After much convincing and cajoling by me, Dan agreed to authorize me to issue Marketing Licenses to a limited number of "screened" individuals and companies, to essentially "clone" my Kennedy Products business: the products, the catalog, the sales letters, the works. And we've done that with tremendous success. Some of these Licensees have made well over $100,000.00 already. Some have brought in over $30,000.00 in a single month! Many have added this to their own info-marketing businesses and are clicking along, with thousands of dollars of added profits every month. (I've enclosed just a few of their comments with this letter.)

But a complete Marketing License for all 32 of the Dan Kennedy products requires $9,995.00. We realize there are a number of people who need to get started with a smaller outlay. And, finally, we can accommodate that..... now you can obtain a "Mini-Marketing License" for the most popular of Dan's products, his famous "Magnetic Marketing System," for such a small cost that as few as 6 sales recovers the cost 100%! (And, a second, FREE Marketing License is also included -- keep reading!)


You'll have Resale Rights to THE MOST SUCCESSFUL DAN KENNEDY PRODUCT..... nearly Ten Million Dollars worth of "Magnetic Marketing" has sold worldwide, through Dan's speaking, his own direct mail and catalogs, Nightingale-Conant, the SkyMall catalogs, my company's direct mail, catalogs and Websites, etc. This product has proven itself in the marketplace year after year after year (regardless of economy conditions).

You'll have Reprint Rights to TESTED, PROVEN, POWERFUL MARKETING TOOLS..... ads, sales letters, broadcast FAXES, e-mail ads, postcards, even an audio cassette tape featuring Dan's famous speech that presents and sells "Magnetic Marketing" for you. These selling tools have been honed and perfected.

  If you had to start from scratch to duplicate them, you could easily spend $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 on copywriters' fees, plus experimentation and tweaking.

You'll even have an ELECTRONIC SALES LETTER...... your very own "fully equipped" Website..... set up and turned on for you, fully operational within 5 days, to sell and take orders for "Magnetic Marketing."

And much more…..

Here's Why The Opportunity To Sell "Magnetic Marketing" With Everything Done For You -- Ads, Letters, Website, Etc. Is Simply Too Good To Pass Up

Here are more details......

1. You get one of the most successful and profitable information products of all time, without the hassle of creating it!

The "Magnetic Marketing" product is vital and beneficial for every salesperson on the planet (for them, it eliminates the thing they loathe most; cold prospecting). It is also perfect for virtually every kind of business, and features examples for retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing and industrial, even Doctors and other professionals. (For business owners, it lowers ad costs, stops advertising waste, gets them lots of new customers more profitably).

This is NOT a "fad" product. It IS a "hot" product that has stayed hot for years and years, through prosperous times and recession as well.

FYI: Here's what your customers get when they order the "Magnetic Marketing System" from you:

  A BIG, 407 page, 3-ring binder Manual (including 102 exhibits),

   6 audio cassette tapes/CD's,

  Two "2nd Opinion Critique Certificates" (done by Dan himself), and

  A "Marketing Challenge Consultation Coupon" (also done by Dan).

Plus they get these 4 Bonus Reports:

(1)"How To Solve All Your Advertising, Marketing & Sales Problems, Fast & Forever;

(2)"How To (At Least) Double The Results From Your Yellow Pages, Coupon & Other 'Print' Advertising";

(3)"How To Turn Mailing Lists Into Money: Sophisticated Target Marketing Made Simple"; and

(4)"How To Print All The Money You Want Legally."

2. You get one of the MOST POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL SALES LETTERS ever written for an information product.

Dan's versions of this letter have pulled as high as 20% response rates from some lists! Nightingale-Conant's abbreviated version worked so well for them they mailed hundreds of thousands of copies to their lists. Our current version, which we use, and our Licensees use, has evolved over years, comprises the best of all prior versions, and is, quite simply, a "killer" piece.

You also get all the other powerful sales and marketing tools, including e-mail ads, postcards, FAX ads, and the "audio brochure" featuring Dan's 'million dollar speech' that sells "Magnetic Marketing" for you. This is the speech (i.e. sales presentation) that kept Dan at the pinnacle of the speaking profession for 10 years, including 9 years appearing on the premier events, the Peter Lowe SUCCESS events, with Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins along with former U.S. Presidents and world leaders, famous athletes and coaches, and legendary entrepreneurs.…. addressing over 200,000 people a year. This is the speech (sales presentation) that has sold as much as one million dollars of "Magnetic Marketing" per year. It's yours, on this 90-minute tape/CD, to sell for you, and put money into your bank account. (You simply pass out this tape and make money.)

Proven, super-effective selling copy is hard to come by. Top, pro copywriters like Dan command $15,000.00 and up to create a sales letter, direct mail package or audio script, then the actual testing is just beginning! With this Marketing License, you have an arsenal of marketing tools put together by the very best direct-response pros money can buy (including Dan) AND already thoroughly tested and known to produce.

Dan has made a ton of money with these tools. So have I, and continue to do so. Already, a number of Licensees have. Now you can too, and you can get rolling for the lowest Licensing Fee ever offered!

3. All the order fulfillment is handled for you, if you wish.

I've arranged for my Licensees to get product fulfillment from the very same fulfillment company we use -- at my rock-bottom costs -- and you buy NO INVENTORY in advance; you simply order "onesy-twosy" as needed..... they ship direct to your customer..... you never handle product, pack a box, deal with UPS.

The lowest, discounted price I'll ever sell Magnetic Marketing for is $299.00. And your product cost is only 20% ($59.80) of that discounted price. That means, if you choose to discount and sell Magnetic Marketing for only $299.00, you keep $239.20 (80%!) for each order you get. If you sell it for the suggested retail price of $399.00 (the price we normally sell it for -- and the price in our Catalog and on our Website), you keep $339.20 for each sale!

This means you recover your entire Licensing fee from as few as 6 sales!!!!

4. You even get a "sales letter style" Website to sell for you.

Recently, we're discovering more and more proof that simple "sales letter style" Websites are among the most profitable and productive sites on the Internet! The Site you'll have, fully operational for you within 5 days (!), contains the full sales letter, the transcript of the tape, testimonials, and an order form, and your customers can order online, or by printing out the form to FAX or mail in. If you paid a Web Page Designer to start from scratch and develop a Website like this for a product of your own, you would easily shell out $500.00 to $1,000.00, even more. You even get 6 months' hosting of your site FREE, before you begin paying the small $14.95 monthly charge (at your option). I get orders for "Magnetic Marketing" from my Website almost daily, and you can do the same!

5. You get tons of compelling testimonials, too!

No one, and I mean no one, has the kind of persuasive, dramatic testimonials that Dan Kennedy has piled up. You use these testimonials for "Magnetic Marketing" in specific and for Dan as well, in your sales arsenal. (Samples of these testimonials are enclosed.)

How Many Ways Are There To Make Money With "Magnetic Marketing"?


Virtually every small and medium-sized business, professional and salesperson is a good prospect.

Lots of money has been made mailing lead-generation postcards* offering the free audio tape* to mailing lists of small business owners, sales professionals, subscribers to business magazines, buyers of books, and on and on..... FAXing the lead-generation ads* to businesses..... doing joint ventures* with newsletter publishers, cataloguers, speakers, seminar promoters, associations..... of course, sending the sales letter* to mailing lists or your customers if you already have some..... e-mail ads* to drive traffic to the Website we set up for you...... one Licensee even hand-picks businesses that do a lot of expensive newspaper or Yellow Pages advertising, sends them the sales letter with a little note that says, "Saw your ad. There's a better way. Read this.", and compiles his own mailing lists. And on and on and on. (One Licensee even sold the free tape on e-Bay, and then sold "Magnetic Marketing" to those customers! Incredible.)

*Remember, you get Reprint Rights to all these marketing tools. We even give you a letter you can mail to joint venture prospects that sets up JVs for you!

There are over 24 million small and medium-sized businesses in America that need this product. Millions of salespeople. If you go look at all the mailing lists in the SRDS List Source, you'll find hundreds and hundreds of lists this could work with. Tens of millions of names. And even though this is a very successful product and we chug right along selling it everyday ourselves..... all its sales combined haven't even put a teeny-tiny scratch in the market for it!

The opportunity for you to make a fortune with this License is HUGE. Because Dan and I have barely scratched the scratch on the scratch on the surface of these markets. We have not plastered magazines with ads. Not mass mailed and worn out the vast number of available mailing lists, FAX lists or e-mail lists. Here sits a "hot" product with proven ads and sales letters that have barely seen the light of day! Dan has been content to achieve a certain level of income and wealth and coast there, and he has been militantly unwilling to take on employees or other complexities he feared would be required if he were to build a large publishing and mail-order company. I am more aggressive, but I also have other very lucrative business interests demanding my attention as well as a commitment to a certain lifestyle. Nightingale-Conant has done very, very well selling "Magnetic Marketing" only to their own customer lists. All added together, the amount of marketing we've done is akin to taking a thimble of water from the ocean's edge. The rest is virgin.

Oh, and keep this in mind -- many of the Licensees will follow Dan's or Nightingale-Conant's approach; they'll sell only to their own customers, their own lists, content to reap large profits just by adding this product to the "back end" of their present businesses. The relatively few Licensees who choose to aggressively reach out to the vast untapped markets will find the ocean pretty much untouched.

Look, if you are already marketing information products of one kind or another, this is simply a no-brainer..... you can't help but make money with your own lists, your customers, even your unconverted leads. There are hundreds of niche markets you can target this product to. For example, one Licensee, Dave Dee, sells information products to magicians. The magician market is a very small niche, and Dave does extremely well selling the "Magnetic Marketing System" and Dan's other products to this niche. In fact, here's what Dave has to say:

"I made $22,152.85 within the first two months of owning the License!!! "

"I have to admit that I was very skeptical about buying a License. I really wondered if you guys were on the up and up and if I would make any money. Well the results speak for themselves! I made $22,152.85 within the first two months of owning the License!!! In addition to that, you really lived up to your promise about great customer service. Your entire staff is really dedicated to helping make my business run smoothly and profitably.

Whenever I have a question, you guys are there for me. It's rare today to find a business that really follows through on their promises. You do that and then some."

-Dave Dee, Dave Dee, Inc., Georgia


Or, if you are just getting involved in the information marketing business, what better way to get your feet wet than with such a proven, highly saleable product, credible "brand name" and proven, ready-to-use marketing tools?

And the timing couldn't be better. Maybe it's going to be "tough" out there for a while for quite a few businesses -- so much the better for us, because in selling "Magnetic Marketing", we have the solutions they need now more than ever! In this business (selling information products that teach business owners and salespeople how to increase their sales and profits), when the economy declines, our sales actually increase! When business owners, professionals and salespeople begin feeling "pain" in their businesses, they are even more motivated to buy products like "Magnetic Marketing." That's another thing I love about this business -- it's recession proof!

The bottom line is this:

THE "MAGNETIC MARKETING" MINI-LICENSE is the lowest investment, complete Marketing License we've ever offered, for the hottest selling product we've ever possessed, and you will have to make Herculean efforts NOT to make a whole lot of money with this!

Heck, just 50 sales, even at the discounted price of $299.00, puts $11,960.00 into your pocket. Just 75 -- $17,940.00.

100 -- $23,920.00

500 -- $119,600.00

"In just three months, I've earned $46,971.00 with my Marketing License."

Mike Van Norden, Texas


What would you do with an extra $119,600.00 over the next 12 months? All it takes is 42 sales a month. A bit better than ONE A DAY! From everything you may do. And one joint venture OR one good mailing list OR even the Website alone can do that for you!

If you are an information marketer or are serious about being one, you simply canNOT pass this up!

Now, here's the entire, detailed list of everything you get:

1. REPRINT RIGHTS: Sales letters written by Dan (two versions)
2. REPRINT RIGHTS: 2 lead generation postcards
3. REPRINT RIGHTS: 2 lead generation FAXes
4. REPRINT RIGHTS: 2 lead generation letters
5. REPRINT RIGHTS: E-mail ads
6. REPRINT RIGHTS: An oversized postcard that sells "Magnetic Marketing" for you
7. REPRINT RIGHTS: "Audio brochure" (90-minute CD/cassette tape of Dan selling "Magnetic Marketing" for you)
8. REPRINT RIGHTS: Printed transcript of audio brochure
9. REPRINT RIGHTS: Collection of testimonials10. REPRINT RIGHTS: Order Form
11. RESALE RIGHTS: To the entire "Magnetic Marketing Toolkit System"
12. USE RIGHTS: "Sales letter style" Website
14. Pre-Approved Credit Card Merchant Account, if needed (even for our Canadian friends) (with set-up fees waived!)
16. FULFILLMENT DONE FOR YOU* ($59.80 cost per unit)..... NO inventory

*Under your shipping label. Also, we will not promote any of our products to your customers, or rent or sell your customer names.

How Much Does The License Cost?

Right now, you can own this entire Marketing License for just $1,995. And, if you like, you can pay just half now, the other half in 45 days. If you choose to pay in full now, you'll also get a valuable FREE Bonus (described later in this letter).

Consider this:

Only 6 units sold recoups this entire investment!
You couldn't build a product to sell for this investment.
You couldn't get sales letters and other sales tools prepared by a copywriting pro for this investment.
You might not even get a Website and 6 months hosting for this small of an investment.
If you built your own product, you'd tie up more than this in inventory.
You wouldn't have the "Dan Kennedy brand" or his awesome testimonials.

You get it ALL, for just $1,995.

Oh, and to make this even sweeter: anytime within 4 months, if you choose to acquire a full Marketing License for the entire catalog of Kennedy products, you get full credit..... a 100% rebate..... for this Mini-License fee.

You Even Get A 21-Day Free Inspection
Satisfaction Guarantee

When you acquire this Mini-Marketing License, you have a full Twenty-One Days to inspect everything provided to you, review the "How-To" Guide and other instructions, see your customized Website in full operation, and evaluate all your marketing tools and opportunities. Anytime during those 21 days, you may opt to cancel your License and return everything for a full refund, and cancellation from any subsequent payments due. This is a simple, straightforward guarantee backed by 100% refund on request, without hassle.

Why You'll Want To Do This NOW:

Several reasons. One, as I said earlier, the timing's right. Conditions for selling this product are ideal. Two, we have a special Conference Call scheduled with Dan for the first 25 Mini-License Owners who respond to this letter, in which I'll question Dan about the selling history of this remarkable product, the best markets and prospects, how to best use the selling tools and more -- then we'll take questions from you and the other 24 Licensees. THIS CALL IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 25 PEOPLE TO SIGN-UP FOR THIS LICENSE AND WILL NOT REPEAT IN THE FUTURE.

THIRD, if you are one of the first 25 Licensees to sign up for this "Magnetic Marketing" Mini-License…..

You Also Get A FREE Marketing License To These Hot-Selling Products: Dan Kennedy's "Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" (Both, the "Basic" and "Deluxe" versions)

Owning this second Marketing License to Dan's "Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" gives you an ideal back-end product to sell to all your customers who buy "Magnetic Marketing." The "Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" has consistently been one of our top-selling products and now it can be yours to profit from, too! Through this product, Dan shows your customers step-by-step how to master the "art-and-science" of writing powerful sales letters, postcards, brochures, order forms, e-mail ads, Web pages, display ads, classified ads, and yellow page ads that sell, sell, sell!

You'll own the Rights to two versions of this product: the "Basic" which retails for $497.00 and the "Deluxe" which sells for $697.00 -- and with this License you keep 80% from each order you get! (You keep $397.60 for each "Basic" you sell, and $557.60 for each "Deluxe" you sell!)

When your customers order the "Basic" version of the "Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" from you (for $497.00), here's what they get: The Seminar Audio Cassette Library (10 audio tapes), Two Giant Manuals, and a "Blue Ribbon Package." Plus, they get these FREE Bonus Gifts: "The Ultimate Collection Of Winning Ads & Sales Letters" book including Reprint Rights and a 4-page sales letter they can use to sell this book, the "Secrets Of Writing Headlines That Could Make Your Rich" Manual, and the "Scientific Advertising" book. (TOTAL VALUE of Basic Seminar Box & Bonus Gifts for your customers is: $1,163.00!)

When your customers order the "Deluxe" version (for $697.00), they get everything in the "Basic" plus: the entire 2-day Seminar on 8 DVD's and two "Red Tag Priority Critique Certificates" (FREE ad/sales letter critiques done by Dan!). AND, they get these additional FREE Gifts: Dan's "Copywriting Clinic" Kit and the "Rohleder's Marketing & Moneymaking Convention" audio and video tapes. (TOTAL VALUE of the "Deluxe" Seminar-In-A-Box and Bonus Gifts for your customers is: $2,492.00, but they get it all for only $697.00!) By the way, approximately 70% of the customers order the "Deluxe" version of this product (and you keep $557.60 from each order!).

If you're one of the first 25 people to acquire the "Magnetic Marketing" License, here's what you'll get with this second, FREE License to Dan's "Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" (this second License is a $1,995.00 value!):

1. Reprint Rights to the 8-page sales letter written by Dan Kennedy
2. Reprint Rights to the lead generation postcard
3. Reprint Rights to the lead generation FAX
4. Reprint Rights to an oversized postcard that sells the product for you
5. Reprint Rights to the lead-generation e-mail ad
6. Reprint Rights to all testimonials for this product
7. Reprint Rights to the Order Form
8. Resale Rights to both versions of the Product
9. Use Rights to a second "sales letter style" Website that sells these products for you!
10. All materials you have Reprint Rights to on diskette as well as 'hard copy' in Master Notebook
11. Fulfillment done for you..... NO inventory to invest in

The 25 FREE Marketing Licenses to Dan’s “Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box” are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. And before the holidays, I conducted a very small test marketing campaign to a small portion of my list, and at that time several people signed up for the License. I am now making this offer to a to a much larger portion of my lists, and based on the exceptional results we got from our test campaign before the holidays, we know the remaining Licenses will sell-out quickly. If you wait to submit your Registration Form, you will miss out.

To get this second License for FREE, you must sign-up for the “Magnetic Marketing” License NOW (otherwise, an additional $1,995.00 will be required to acquire this 2nd License, as, this will be offered as a separate License in the future). If you want to be one of just 25 Licenses to acquire this second License for free, AND participate in Dan’s one-time only Conference Call, I’d urge you to FAX in your Form right now, or call our office  toll-free at 1-877-636-9631 or (541) 736-9631, if you prefer.


Michael Kimble,
Kimble & Kennedy Publishing,
Div., Group M Marketing, Inc.
"Smart Marketing" Companies

"Reserve Your  Magnetic Marketing  License NOW!"



P.S. Securing a good Marketing License is the ultimate shortcut. You get products ready to sell, ads and sales letters ready to use, you skip months of development time, work, and expense. This "Magnetic Marketing" License gives you all that and more -- a super hot product, a terrific author and "brand", tested, successful, winning marketing tools, even a Website, high profits, easy fulfillment..... shortcut upon shortcut on top of shortcut. Yet it is the lowest fee, most affordable License we've ever offered, and incredibly, you can make payments.

P.S. #2: This isn't just a shortcut to marketing a hot info-product. It's a shortcut or leg up to the ideal lifestyle, the kind of control, flexibility, freedom and automatic daily income free of overhead and headache that can only come from success as a direct/Internet marketer of information products. Do NOT settle for anything less than this for yourself or your family. Do NOT envy Dan Kennedy or me, join us!

P.S. #3: Keep this in mind: you only need to sell 6 "Magnetic Marketing Systems" to recoup your Licensing Fee. Or, sell just 4 of the "Deluxe Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" packages, and your entire Licensing Fee is recovered. There have been many days when I (and other Licensees) have sold these quantities of the products (and more) in a single day! You can do the same.

P.S. #4: As a FAST ACTION bonus for ordering TODAY I'll also send you a copy of my brand new product, the "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit" (a $149.00 value!) that also includes Resale Rights! Here's what you get with this incredible product:

1. The "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit" Manual. Contains 31 specific, easy-to-follow Internet marketing Strategies you can use to promote "Magnetic Marketing" or ANY product, service, business, or Website -- many of these Strategies offer instant results!

2. "The Online Toolkit." Contains 37 ready-to-use, fill-in-the-blank "tools" (sales documents) you can use, regardless of your business, on Websites, in e-mail, even with FAXing and direct mail -- use these 37 "tools" with the 31 Strategies in the Instant Online Manual mentioned above.

3. "The Online Toolkit" Diskette. This diskette contains the 37 "tools" in Microsoft Word so you do not have to retype them.

4. Resale Rights to the entire "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit." If you decide to sell the "Instant Online Toolkit" as a front-end or back-end product for "Magnetic Marketing", you'll earn a 60% commission ($89.40) for each product you sell! We also ship this product for you.

5. The Resale Rights Diskette. This diskette contains all the sales documents you'll need to sell the "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit" including proven: classified & display ads, e-mail ads, fax ads, postcards, 2 sales letters, order forms, etc. (These are the same sales documents we use!)

6. Your very own FREE WEBSITE. This "Business-at-a-Website" automatically sells the "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit" for you! A Web Page Designer would easily charge you $500.00 to $1,000, even more, to create a Website like this one, but you get it for FREE with this package!

7. A comprehensive "Marketing Guide." This Guide shows you step-by-step how to make some serious money selling the "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit" both online and offline.

8. A second Manual titled, "77 Little-Known 'OFFLINE' Marketing Techniques & Secrets For Successfully Promoting ANY Product, Service, Business Or Website."

9. A 90-Minute Audio Cassette Tape. A special, taped discussion between Ken McCarthy and Jonathan Mizel on how you can make HUGE sums of money with your Internet marketing.

PLUS, I'll also give you a FREE, one-year Membership into my "Centurion Club" (a $95.00 value). This Membership includes a 1-year subscription to two newsletters sent via First Class Mail (my "Smart Marketing Letter" -- that teaches you the latest, cutting-edge online and offline marketing techniques -- and my "Marketing Nuggets Postcard"), a FREE book, free business-building Reports, "Members Only" special notices, and more!

You get the "Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit" and the "Centurion Club" Membership FREE (a $244.00 value!), if you order the  "Magnetic Marketing" Mini-License TODAY!



SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTICE: A speaker and sales trainer, David Sandler used to say, "you can't learn to ride a bicycle in a seminar." To really get it, you have to get on the bike. That's why, for the first time ever last year, I did what so many of my customers and Licensees had begged me to do -- I let them come right inside my office for two whole days, and SEE for themselves exactly how I make up to $15,000.00 a day with Internet and direct marketing. I called it my "Office Field Trip."

At my "Office Field Trips," we allowed only 15 people (at a time) to come to Austin and spend two "hands-on" days inside my office, meet my tiny staff, see exactly how I make money on the Internet, advertise, generate leads, get new customers, select winning mailing lists, promote my Websites, take orders and get lightning fast results. These people looked right over our shoulders and virtually experienced everything we do (it was kind of like being backstage during a magician's show to see what the audience does not, having each trick explained, each device dismantled).

These people actually got to SEE "live," how I rake in as much as $15,000.00 dollars a day selling information products using my very smart, proprietary Internet and direct marketing techniques….. and how they can use these same techniques to duplicate my success. They each paid $4,900.00 to attend my "Office Field Trip." Here are just a few of the many comments we received from the attendees:

"Wow! Unbelievable! You'll be given a tested blueprint for success. Follow Group M's proven marketing plan and you can't go wrong. This 2-day Office Field Trip is the most informative course on Internet/direct marketing that I have ever attended. This is a no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is Field Trip. How many companies do you know who would open their doors and reveal their top secret ways to make huge amounts of money? It almost sounds so easy that it ought to be illegal. Just a few of these ideas can make you huge amounts of money. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be successful in the Internet/direct marketing business."
-- Kenneth Roy, Massachusetts

"Hello Group M! Just got back and wanted to touch base with you all. I had a nice drive home (about 12 hours) which gave me plenty of time to relax and think about how beneficial the Office Field Trip truly was. I want you to know right now -- YOU GUYS ROCK! You provided a tremendous amount of first-hand knowledge and guidance. I learned so many valuable strategies and techniques for jump starting and succeeding with my business. I can't wait to crank things up! And thanks to you, I now know how to do it! What you've saved me in time, money, and frustration will be immeasurable, to say the least. It's great to be surrounded by like-minded individuals all with the same goals in mind - it's magic! You are a "Super" group of dedicated professionals and I'm grateful for the opportunity to know and work with each of you. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Thanks again!"
-- Keith Geckler, North Carolina

"For me, when I don't take action, it's usually due to a lack of clarity. I start out knowing what I want to do, but my lack of operational know-how muddies the waters, making it hard to see how to get there. This Office Field Trip has clarified the waters! The chance to see with my own eyes how a project is carried out, to see leads coming into the office, to see the database program and how it's used, and even more, to hear the off-hand comments of the people who do this stuff everyday... well it's a symphony of nuance that turns my inner noise into music! In terms of dollars, I believe this Field Trip will add at least $100,000.00 to my bank account this year. But on a deeper level, how can you put a price tag on transforming frustration into confidence? Thank you!" -- Mark Pittman, Iowa

Unfortunately, you missed out on my "Office Field Trips," but you don't have to miss out altogether. Because…..

We decided to record my last ever "Field Trip" onto video and audio tape and offer it as the "Office Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box." To get this done, we had to squeeze in the videographer, camera, lights, and so on, so we could capture everything on video. We hooked up my computer to a big screen, so we could project the Websites, software, reports, samples, etc. that everybody looked at onto that screen, and video it -- in many cases, it's even directly zapped into the video. Anyway, when we are looking at the computer screen, so are you, on video.

This isn't a Hollywood-perfect film. But it is the closest thing to being the 16th person in my office for those 2 days as you can get.

With these Tapes, you get to spend one-on-one time with me and my staff inside my office, where we reveal the "science behind the magic" so you too, can duplicate my highly successful, extremely profitable, Internet/direct marketing methods in your business -- regardless of what business you're in. This is NOT a seminar or a lecture, this is a "live, as it's happening" online and offline marketing experience. You'll get to SEE every little detail of how I run my business, how I turn paper and electrons into pure cash, and how YOU can easily duplicate my success. You also get to see and hear Dan Kennedy explain "THE BIG SECRET" to making tons of cash in the information publishing business.

And just how much could this "Office Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box" be worth to you??? -- to be able to spend two solid days in my office, SEEING AND WITNESSING everything I do to make as much as $15,000.00 PER DAY with direct/Internet marketing?….. And spend time with Dan Kennedy??

With my all new "Office Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box" Package, you get: 11 hours of video (indexed by hour and subject matter), 10 audio Tapes (also indexed), two Reference Manuals (the same Manuals the attendees got), use of a special, password-protected Website, and more!

Here's a very small sample of what you'll witness on these "Tapes":

INTERNET MARKETING THAT REALLY WORKS (Secrets we've developed and are always fine-tuning through real experience -- really making money on the Internet..…)

1. The blunt truth about Internet Marketing
2. Three Secrets most 'Internet advocates' will NEVER tell you about really making money with Internet Marketing
3. Look at, dissect, and understand the actual, successful, profitable Websites (plural!) I own and run
4. Actual demonstrations of how I get traffic to my Websites
5. Six "Traffic-Builders" anybody can use (and afford)
6. SEE exactly how I get a whopping 28% "opt-in" rate (capturing the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of visitors to my Websites) and how we make money with these names.
7. When and how to most successfully use nearly-free e-mail for marketing purposes
8. "Website Tricks" that increase sales
9. How to get good Website work done for you, cheap
10. SEE exactly how we use e-mail blasts (not 'Spam") to create fast cash surges
11. E-mail as the ultimate test marketing tool
12. Things you must know if you choose to "buy" traffic
13. SEE a "pure" e-commerce business actually work, where everything is sold AND delivered "hands-free" automatically via the Internet


14. What database management systems, software programs do we use, and why?
15. What data to collect and track, and how to easily organize it so it is really useful to you
16. Five ways "database management" makes you money
17. Commonly made, costly mistakes to avoid
18. How to get what you need from computers without liking them
19. Newest software programs available to make your life easier
20. How to "hands-free" automate multi-step marketing

21. The best, most beneficial uses of broadcast FAX
22. How to use Broadcast FAX to drive customers to your Website
23. Review a step-by-step Checklist for each broadcast FAX marketing campaign we do (just like a pilot's pre-takeoff checklist)
24. What's working NOW -- many of our examples
25. Where to get good FAX lists
26. Best time(s) to FAX
27. Secrets and "tricks" for getting your FAX read
28. How to minimize complaints from recipients

29. Fact: mailing lists can make or break you….. and it's not as simple as calling a broker
30. The four top list sources I rely on most
31. Thirteen "keys" to consider, in evaluating and choosing lists
32. My exact step-by-step process for finding, picking, and testing lists

33. How to use joint ventures to launch or expand your business and/or Website marketing and acquire good customers even if you have NO cash and NO experience!
34. Six simple ways to find good joint venture opportunities and partners
35. Exactly how to approach your Joint Venture prospects
36. See (and use) the exact letters I send out (that set-up JVs for me), and go through my actual 6-step process for approaching new JV contacts
37. Deal-Structure: understanding the 6 different opportunities

38. The seven "Power Documents" I use in marketing
39. Internal Forms and Checklists
40. Ads & Recorded Messages for finding great employees
41. My complete System for collecting great testimonials
42. "Action Plan Handout" -- a step-by-step "blueprint" for building your business using the new techniques you'll discover on these Tapes. This Action Plan Handout also keeps you focused and on track.
43. A DISKETTE: "Marketing Campaign Evaluation Spreadsheets"

ALSO….. you get a "Marketing License" to re-sell this "Field Trip Tapes" Package, and you'll earn a whopping $1,470.00 (a 60% commission) for each Package you sell. You get all the marketing materials on diskette, plus a free, custom Website that sells this Tapes Package for you, a "Fast Start Tape" that tells you exactly how to sell this product and get money rolling in fast..… and we'll even ship your orders to your customers for you.

Remember, the fee to attend my "Office Field Trip" in Austin was $4,900.00 per person (plus, travel costs, hotel, and meals). We sell the "Office Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box" Package (the videos, audios, Manuals, Website, everything) for half that price; just $2,450.00.

But right now, ONLY if you register for your "Magnetic Marketing Mini-License" within the next 7 days, you can get the complete "Office Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box" for HALF-OFF the catalog price -- just $1,225.00 (or two payments of $612.50*). Register for your "Magnetic Marketing Mini-License" now, get the "Field Trip Tapes" for HALF PRICE. (You get a ONE-YEAR Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee with this Package, so you have nothing to lose.)

(If you sell just ONE these "Office Field Trip Tapes" Packages via the free Website we set-up for you (or by any other means), you earn $1,470.00 which makes your Tapes Package FREE. Sell just 100 of these Packages and you earn $147,000.00! By the way, the people who buy the "Magnetic Marketing Toolkit" from you are excellent prospects for this "Office Field Trip Tapes" Package.)

To get your copy of the "Office Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box" Package (at half price!) sent to you along with your "Magnetic Marketing Mini-License," check the box on the Registration Form. (NOTE: These two products are shipped separately in two boxes, so they may not arrive at the exact time.)

 "...give this opportunity very serious consideration."

"A few thoughts about 'Marketing Licenses'…… as I've said elsewhere, on numerous occasions, Licensing can be a very smart, quick way to expand a business product line, or even as a shortcut means of starting and developing an information-products business. The advantages are numerous, especially when you are able to license products with proven appeal and demand along with successful ads, sales letters, other marketing materials, Web sites, testimonials, brand identity and so forth.


With this License you are receiving all that and more, for much less than the fee that I (or a copywriter of comparable ability) would charge just to write one of the sales letters.


I can tell you that I am very satisfied and impressed with everything that Michael Kimble and his team have put into this License, as well as the support they provide, and have no hesitation in recommending you give this opportunity very serious consideration"

-- Dan Kennedy

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