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"...what Iíve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 ..."

"I came because what Iíve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 in the last several yearsÖ I came to double that this year, and Iím sure it will happen."

Ted Ciuba, for Parthenon Marketing Inc
America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant
Host of the
How To Get Rich On The Internetô BootCamp



Wow! A lot of great information! Better than I expected, Itís mind boggling the income opportunities and the lifestyle this business offers to anyone who is lucky enough to attend this boot camp and learn straight from the experts who are already making a ton of money. Dave Hilgendorf - Conyers, GA

I came because what Iíve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 in the last several yearsÖ I came to double that this year, and Iím sure it will happen. Ted Ciuba Ė Nashville, TN

This is the first Boot Camp that I have ever attended and the information attained is going to be life changing. The bonuses given were worth more than the cost of the Boot Camp. The excellent panel of world-renowned experts was invaluable. I heard and saw Don Campbell for the first time at the Information Marketing Boot Camp in Atlanta, on May 12th and his presentation was like no other that I have ever seen. It was information packed with explicit examples of how to run a marketing campaign complete with telling how many ad letters to write and when to send them and the expected results from each. Testing is a big part of Donís strategy and he has already done a lot of that so that his e-letter customers will already have the advantage of Donís proven experience and expertise. Thank you Don for allowing me to be part of your mailing list and I am looking forward to many successful marketing campaigns modeled from your suggestions. Joe Garrett- Atlanta, GA

This seminar delivered all that was promised and more. I know I can now confidently start my new home-based business without ever creating a product, writing and ad or talking to anyone and be successful. Carlene Morrelli- Santa Maria, CA

You will leave here frustrated- frustrated that there are too many ideas and not enough time in the day to implement them quickly enough. Bill Stuart- Rockland, Mass

Great 3 days Ė Very informative- Ron covered all the bases. The supplemental information from the guest lecturers will be very instrumental on me getting my business started. The guest lectures were all "gurus" in their fields. A very small price too pay for a future life changing event. Great Boot Camp!!!! John Ferguson-Louisville, KY

My husband and I are real estate entrepreneurs. Not only did the Information Marketing Boot Camp give us ideas for our real estate business but opened up a whole new world for another business venture that will create wealth without interfering with our present business. A great addition to our plan for multiple streams of income. Angie Badorf-Jamestown, NC

I came expecting to learn a little about marketing and I received more than I can digest at one sitting. Itís hard to believe the size of the market for information that is out there. This looks bigger than Real Estate. Hugh Horner- Troy, Illinois

Ron, this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold. If parents would just send their children and young adults to a boot camp like this instead of college, they would learn more about money and how to really make it, than they will learn in all their years of schooling. It has been worth many times what we paid for it. Thank you, I can only say thank God I didnít miss it. Your speakers were great, the information excellent. My head is twirling with ideas and the bonuses, WOW!, plus all the contacts Iíve made while here have been incredible. Dee Robinson- Cincinnati, Ohio

This seminar was run like a well-oiled machine Ė it was on time Ė it went as advertised Ė it was more informative than I think the attendees thought it would be. All the speakers were passionate about their subjects - and they were definitely experts. The seminar was expertly controlled and it ended daily right on time and you never felt you had missed something or something was missing. Casey Cibart- Colorado Springs, CO

Ron was excellent as usual and had awesome guest speakers. The class was very informative, there is no doubt that the information that I received will make my business grow quickly. Eric Bonner- Jonesboro, GA

This program is a great introduction for anyone interested in the information business! Kate Luscombe- Albay, NY

Awesome program-we anticipate developing several very profitable profit points just from the new information Ė unbelievable how you keep gathering such, Fantastic Folks to provide information. I unconditionally recommend the IMBC to anyone who would like to enhance their life style. Mike Rodetsky- Tampa, FL

This boils down to a mountain of practical, make-me-money facts, clearly presented! I got my moneys worth, and much more by the 2nd day. Tim Haugland- Naperville, IL

To anyone who has the opportunity to go to one of these events, go or you will regret it if you donít. John LeBlanc-Cincinnati, OH

I was blowwwen away by the information. Ron, as usual you put together a great seminar. Thank you. David Lapid- Staten Island, NY

Anyone who is serious about making money on selling information needs to attend. Ben Souchek- Deweese, NE

I felt this was very informative. I learned things about information marketing I never knew existed. Iím generating ideas from what I learned and how to implement them. I have also learned how to build on knowledge I already have and how to organize this information for a successful information marketing business. Pam Prentice- Port St. Lucie, FL

As an airline pilot I have traveled the world. Of all I have seen and heard Ron Le Grand is the best of the best! He really cares that we apply what he teaches so that we can better our lives and in turn, better the lives of others! Chuck Wittreich- Center Moriches, NY

With over 20 years in this business, the information shared at this event was superior to any available today. In addition the networking opportunities while surrounded by professionals, are endless. David Segars- Augusta, GA

Originally I had my doubts about going to the boot camp. At the last minute I decided to go, no risk, no reward. I am so glad I decided to go; the information I received would have cost literally thousands to learn at any other time. How often do you get a chance to learn from millionaires who started from scratch and made mistakes who then shared the right and wrong ways of being successful. David Lassen- Oldsmar, FL

The value of the Internet Info was worth 10 times what it costs me, so the rest of the "stuff" was free!!! Iíll make sure Iím there at the next one! R. Wheat- P.V.B., FL

Excellent content and speakers covering very diverse information. This is a goldmine with multi-millionaires providing insider secrets for aspiring millionaires. Judith Chandler- Alhambra, CA

A should not miss event!!!! If you are even thinking of going out on your own or needing to increase your profits it would be silly to miss this boot camp. The ideas came so fast it was difficult to stay on top of all of the information. Straight forward no B.S. information! Great Job! Let me change that Ė This is a must not miss event!!!! Terry Wygal- Frisco, TX

Iíve been a successful internet marketer for over 5 years, and I thought I knew it all. But I was literally blown away by this seminar. I learned some new concepts that I know are going to double or triple my income with the same effort. Robert Gatchel- Eddystone, PA

The Information Marketing Boot camp provided many new ideas for money making. Scott Meister- Carmel, IN

I received more valuable information than can be put to use, even if I had months of time to get it organized and ingested into my business. You provided me with an iceberg of tools and I donít even have a boat to sail out to get hold of it, let alone use it all. Bryant Haynes- Murfreesboro, TN

Wow!!!! This introduction to information marketing really opened my mind, I will use this info in finally starting in this business, and improving the investment business I am currently in. Either way it is well worth the money and the time. This is going to get me off my duff and start taking my first steps in selling information. Peter VanderWoude- Cortland, NY

The information that Ron brought together over the last 3 days was priceless. Ken McCarthyís opening information was totally amazing. Keith Badorf- Grensboro, NC

I have no doubt that I was in the "inner circle of IM pros" and received invaluable information to set me free from a mundane lifestyle. Just by attending I received a license to sell this same info to others- instant business. I learned so much from marketing to the internet and so much in between that it will definitely "Create multiple streams of income" with the help of Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand and a host of other millionaires. Thank you so much. Venita Collins- Newark, DE

This was a very informative experience. It has made me think down avenues I never looked at before. I intend to go home re-read the manual and give some thought as to how I can use this information. Ken McCarthy was great!!! Phyllis Auld- Garland, TX

I got a bushel full of start now or learn now to-do- things and will now shift my life into incorporating these as fast as possible! Paul Auld- Garland, TX

Ron LeGrand has the potential and systems to change lives. He presents his ideas in a frank and down to earth manner. This provides an atmosphere that "cuts" right through the "fog" to the principles that will make a difference. Rusty Hillomon- Houston, TX

Before the info-marketing boot camp, I was blind but now I can see my world of opportunity in the info- marketing world and becoming more than a millionaire. William Strickland- Jonesboro, GA

The Information Marketing Boot Camp was very informative and had lots of exciting ideas. We intend to implement several of the new things learned and will use many of the ideas to fine-tune what we are currently doing. Jim Willcut- Hayden, Idaho

This was well worth the time and money. Canít wait to get back and start implementing ideas. Henry Collins- Biloxi, MS

I think that the bonus material was worth the price of the course. Joseph Marosan- Independence, OH

Phenomenal! Ideas and techniques spawned in these 3 days will generate $200,000 additional income in the next six months. Arnold Wall- Atlanta, GA

Ron under promised and over delivered. The worldís leading experts in Information marketing and Internet marketing were all under one roof within a 3-day period. I will take home many ideas that will explode my business. Also gained valuable information from networking with other attendees. Clark Fletcher- Tallahassee, FL

I was extremely pleased with the boot camp. The information was awesome! I believe Iíll recover my investment on my first marketing campaign. Thanks for inviting me to the boot camp. See you at the next one. Dan Harvey- Clarksville, TN

This workshop gave me a "hands-on" look at exactly how to make a million dollar business from information marketing, step by step. But even more valuable than that was how to avoid costly mistakes. So I got the fastest, easiest way to create wealth for a lifetime-FANTASTIC! It showed me how to generate the maximum amount of profit with the minimum amount of risk. Becky Harvey- Clarksville, TN

My head is swimming with new knowledge, new ideas and great expectations. I canít wait to get home and get started. Bill Thomas- Wellington, OH

I came to this seminar anticipating knowledge and direction. I was overwhelmed by the teachings and speakers. The information provided was easy to understand and easy to implement. The ideas and possibilities just started popping into my head all day long, I got everything I was hoping for and so much more is still sinking in. Keith Palmer- Titusville, FL

I was really excited when I saw all of the things that you can do on the web! The Internet is the future of marketing and understanding how it works and how to use it is an incredibly powerful tool. Sarah Herrmann- Palatine, IL

I think its great that I learned all this information and I am 18. This will help me be more successful then most kids my age. I could be retired before my friends ever get out of college if I worked at it. Thanks for getting me this info. Andrew Wingate- Louell, IN

The bonus package is worth its weight in gold! It would take years of time and thousands of dollars to accumulate this information on my own. This boot camp has saved me thousands of dollars in learning what NOT to do and will make thousands in what TO do. The millionaires that came together for this event were fantastic. Jody Reichel-Houston, TX

I think the amount of information I received this weekend was overwhelming. It will take a while to sort it out and realize what I have. I am sure the info and the contacts will prove to be well worth the cost of this course. Robert Gallas- Elhurst, IL

Dan Kennedy was worth the price of tuition, then Ron LeGrand, Robert Allen, and Don Campbell was equally good- plus the bonuses. David Smith- Memphis, TN

I learned more in 3 hours about Internet marketing than my local experts know!! Jeff Sharp- Indianapolis, IN

Weíre here because if Ron sponsors the event we know weíre going to get the best information available in that field. Julie Spradlin- Tuckerton, NJ

Overwhelming! Huge amounts of USEABLE information. I should be able to double my income with what I learned here. Eddie Kearns- Lexington, NC

Very good information. Chris Wall- Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation at the recent Information Marketing Boot Camp in Atlanta, Ga. Your presentation on Multi-letter programs was a real eye opener. It was absolutely PACKED with killer strategies that anyone could put to use immediately, now that you revealed them to us. I got vital information on how to conduct a multi-letter campaign: what to mail, when to mail, how to track results, what "hot buttons" to push, and when to stop mailing. It was the most information-packed, interesting and easy to follow presentation on the subject I have ever heard. Nice touch! Don, all I can say is "Keep up the great work" and that I really look forward to learning more from you in the future. Thanks again. Gordon Appleby-Pasadena, TX

Very good seminar. Invaluable information that can turn anybody into a millionaire. Cord Iszlo- Miami, FL

Bare bone truthful only the facts kind of seminar. Awesome and powerful, Iíll recommend to everyone. Thanks Ron & your crew. K.J. Kim- Ellicott City, MD

Advanced Guerilla Marketing! Solid Step-by-Step information to launch an autopilot business with unlimited cash flow potential yet minimum time and expense. The bonus package is incredible. I made $5,000 with this plan before coming to the boot camp. Your ideas for using two-step marketing for the info-preneuring business were just what I needed to implement a marketing plan. Thanks again. Jackie Lange- Dallas, TX

The first massive turnkey marketing system to create million dollar profits faster than a laser printer! Stefan Kasian- Blue Bell, PA

When I read Ronís sales letter I was skeptical, but I was challenged by the letter (I didnít want to admit to being a cry-baby); and I paid attention to the style of the letter and decided I wanted to learn more about writing that way. I also enjoyed meeting with other students and learning about their successes. Debbie Reichel- Houston, TX

The value of the information I came away from the IMBC with is immeasurable. Bob Severeid- Granger, IN

Ronís information marketing boot camp was incredible. Not only is this a million dollar plus opportunity in itself, but using even 1/1000th of the ideas and information with an existing business will make that business skyrocket! Anyone interested in learning from the best of the best needs to be at the next boot camp. Shirley Severid- Granger, IN

After day 1, I felt I had the equivalent of a four-year college degree in marketing & advertising. After day 3, Iíll bet I have more practical working, moneymaking knowledge than most marketing P.H.D.ís! Hugh Williams- Fernandina Beach, FL

I came to the event with one main idea to produce with Information Marketing and am leaving with three ideas. Translated into dollars, these ideas will produce over 5 million in revenue. Just when I thought I had it all figured out! Looking forward to another year under Ronís tutorial. Jeff Kaller- High Point, NC

The information from this seminar is priceless! I have learned several ways of enhancing my income. This event was truly God sent. Thank you Ron! Angela Rucker- Union City, GA

I came with an idea of what I wanted to learn here. I quickly realized how much I donít know. I knew I was a good thief but I met some master thieves & saw how they did it legally & profitably. I came as a baby & learned how to make a lifetime income. Shelley Loewer- Calgary, Alberta Canada

Great Job! Full of expert tips to make your journeys happen. Worth a great deal for the secret tips that are given-you want to be there. Skyís the limit. Truly gives you the tools to succeed. Charles Loomis-Merrifield, VA

This past week I had the good fortune to attend the IMBC and sit in on your presentation on Multi-Mailer Strategy. Although Iíd been told it was effective before, it just didnít seem to stick. During your talk it finally "took" and I felt like shouting "eureka"! You broke it down so that I saw clearly why and how this strategy works so well. It was so profound that I left the room after your talk and sat outside a while. I just didnít want to lose focus on what Iíd just heard. My first mail goes out this Friday and I canít wait for results to start coming in the next few weeks. Thanks. Mark Dexter- McKenny, TX

Remarkable! The magnitude of information is incredible and value immeasurable. Calvin Neason- Dallas, TX

It was great being exposed to all the different ways to make money in the information age. Diane Conklin- Stone Mountain, GA

Iím new to this business. I learned a tremendous amount- made some great connections- got some new ideas & approaches- ready to roll!! Gail Saseen- Stone Mountain, GA

I thought the Boot Camp was fantastic! A lot of very useful information. The speakers were very well qualified. We are very excited about getting this business up & running. Looking forward to the next Boot Camp to learn even more. It was great; I read the letter over 5 or 6 times before attending. It was everything I hoped it would be, and more. Thanks to Ron Legrand and staff. Skip & Karen Stewart-Atlanta, GA

This was an awesome session. Not only millionaires but also people who were able to show how theyíve grown through Ronís other program. I look forward to starting my business at a much higher level with the expertise that was here this session. I canít wait to see what I learn next time. Terry Harne- Chocowinity, NC

I was overwhelmed by the amount of information packed into 3 days and by the quality of the speakers. I believe that I have a good foundation to start an information marketing business. D. Bunnell- Tallahassee, FL

I came here to learn methods of expanding my existing business, and I discovered a completely separate business opportunity. Bonuses more than worth price of admission. Mark Bogue- St. Petersburg, FL

This was a top-notch event with so much value! I started re-working my marketing plan after Don Campbellís presentation on day # 2. Don even spent some time consulting with me. Canít wait to put it all to use. Mark Dexter- McKinney, TX

I was looking for another income stream. I feel that this is definitely the program that can develop it. The cost of the event is peanuts compared to the income potential I see from the information presented at this event. Bob Campana- Girard, OH

I came to the seminar with no previous information marketing training. I feel now that there is opportunity for us & know the basics to start. James Trask- Wichta, KS

This seminar is the absolute best. The information I acquired is priceless. I will not miss any of Ronís seminars again, ever. Purvis London- Pt. Charlotte, FL

Very clear, concise, real techniques to turn ideas and information into cash. I feel I can turn this info into 6 figures over the next 12 months, and 24-36 months 7-figure income. Mack Machen-Beverly Hills, CA

The networking alone was worth the price of the seminar. I especially liked Don Campbellís information because it really hit home with me. He said to just use what we get and donít question or change anything, I always want to reinvent the wheel. I was especially grateful for the opportunity to sell this boot camp because I didnít have a product coming in to this boot camp. Angela Bowden-Arlington, TX

Ronís done it again. Loaded me up with great ideas, proven techniques and inside information to put even more money in my pocket. Thanks Ron. David Johnson- Lake Charles, LA

It was wonderful. I learned new things, it was my first time I enjoyed and learned. Thank you Ron & Co. I would recommend it to any one who wants to make money. Ismael Rivera-Houston, TX

I have been involved in real estate (marketing) business for 4 decades. During this time, I have heard many professional speakers and listened to hundreds of marketing campaign promoters. My reason for writing to you is simple. I was in attendance at the marketing seminar on May 13th , in which you made your presentation. Your explanation of information marketing and direct mail is "light years" ahead of any Iíve heard. I am excited to be part of your newsletter and look forward to getting your material, when available. Keep up the good work. David Segars- Augusta, GA

The boot camp was better than what I expected. I feel I can go home and replace my current income within 60 days. I must admit that I learned a lot from every one of the speakers at the seminar, but yours was one of the best. The detailed knowledge you shared with us was worth the price of the total seminar. In fact, once your presentation was complete, I ran to the back of the room to sign up for your marketing E-letter. I just had to have more of your information, it was good! Bob Clark- Stow, OH

Very good- easy to learn and use. A way to make your dreams come true. Ken Owen-Garland, TX

I have learned more than enough to go home and make back my tuition many times over. This seminar has given me another way to have extra income without hard work. One must be a "doer" not a "sleeper" to profit well from this information marketing boot camp. Frances Owen-Garland, TX

The main reason I came to this boot camp was to learn from the best. Ron assembled a panel with a world-class reputation, and they delivered! I learned enough inside information in the event to make a fortune quickly. I recommend this camp for anyone who is serious about becoming an entrepreneur. Gordon Appleby- Pasadena, TX

I am just a beginner- the info provided was astounding. I canít wait to get home to start my business efforts on the information super Hwy. Sue Parks- Tuckerton, NJ

I found the information regarding the Internet to be cutting edge and dynamic to increase anyoneís business in a matter of weeks. The secrets will be invaluable. John Hedgepeth- York, PA

The information that I got here is massive. It has given me the opportunity to come up with several million-dollar ideas. Looking forward to getting home and implementing tons of new ideas, both in this business of information marketing and in our real estate investment business. Thanks for putting together and awesome event! Josh Dilligham- H.P., NC

Ron, what a great way to start our new millennium. This century is going to be loaded with Internet information marketing. Cutting edge seminar. Ray Ritchie- China Grove, NC

Outstanding, Life changing, Incredible are just a few words to briefly describe this information packed event. Our intuition was far surpassed in the first few hours of this 3-day boot camp. We will be at the next one. Del Hinds- Myrtle Beach, SC

Excellent!!! We have a lot of information that you could not find in a college. My husband and I are going home and are going to put this information to use and soon we will be free from our full time jobs. Thanks Ron. Michelle Hinds- Myrtle Beach, SC

Great boot camp. I learned many ways of making money on the Internet. I also learned new information not available anywhere else. Dennis Arocho- Pasadena, TX

Thank you so much for the opportunity to join you on this exciting journey. Your presentation in Atlanta was so much more believable than some of the other more experienced people, that I felt compelled to join you immediately with no reservation at all. I look forward to working with you, learning from you and sharing the wealth with you. Thanks again. Bill Thomas- Wellington, OH

Your presentation literally opened the eyes of participants at the Marketing Conference.

The funnel demonstration was the first of its kind I have ever seen. It was brilliant to say the least, and of course, it only made sense. That is the utmost marketing strategy and I intend to follow those instructions to market the "Results Only Marketing Newsletter". I am confident that with Don Campbellís guidance and wit, I will be able to market not only "Results Only", but any other program with which I am involved. Thank you again. Purvis London- Pt. Charlotte, Fl

I attended the Information Marketing Boot Camp in Atlanta, Georgia. Your presentation encouraged me to move out in the information marketing arena. You gave us simple step by step, understandable methods of achieving financial independence. I am expecting BIG results. Thank you for sharing your proven "secrets" with us. There truly is enough money to go around so that those of us who act on this information may live a lavish lifestyle. Thanks again for your support. Angela Rucker- Union City, GA

Don R. Campbell "Turning Dreams Into RealitiesÖOne Entrepreneur At A Time!" CBS Direct- Calgary, AB

I was so impressed with Don Campbell that I immediately subscribed to his Results Only Marketing E-Letter, and asked him to lunch. I wanted to hear more of what he had to say. In the short time that he had to speak, Don gave us some powerful direct marketing ideas, and shared actual numbers from several direct marketing campaigns he had done. Those numbers made me say, "Wow! I need to be doing this. " I am eagerly awaiting the first issue of his newsletter. D. Bunnell-Tallahassee, Fl

Howís that for an incredible list of satisfied customers?

All these testimonials are available for you to use if you wish to acquire the resell rights to the Information Marketing Boot Camp. They are all on file in our office with written permission granted by each.

It's never going to get any easier than this to have your own successful internet / mail order business -- Just open the box and you are in business so, TAKE ACTION NOW!!!


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